by artist Philip Herman
Caricatures & more, Live & in the Studio
Known as 'The Master' by his peers in New York, Philip Herman entertains at events drawing guests
 or works from photos in his studio. There is literally no limit to what he can do for you.

Philip Herman knows what people like. His caricatures and portraits are praised for the uncanny likenesses, speed , and precision of detail. Through PersonaliTee-Portraits, Philip is offering the public at large the opportunity usually only available to exclusive party-goers in NYC. Through this website, you can hire the artist, order likenesses from photos via email, order original airbrushed artwork, or have the artist create something new just for you.

To watch a short movie of Philip's caricature tees drawn at a party:

Click here

To watch a movie of Philip drawing a tee at a party: Click here

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